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How can you spend your points at MySurvey?

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Once you have earned enough points, click on the Redeem button. Simply browse and purchase, your reward will be emailed or shipped to you automatically! Also check out our popular rewards and offers below.

Here are some of the most popular rewards available at MySurvey

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At dress-for-less you can find exclusive products by leading brands/designers from around the world. All of this, and only of the best quality and prices for you!
reward 3
Amazon, gift certificates are the perfect solution for any special occasion. carries everything: CDs, DVDs, books, video, software, home & garden, toys & games, sports & leisure!
reward 4
Paypal, the well-known online payment system, accepted by thousands of merchants worldwide, including eBay!
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Argos, The UK's leading general merchandise retailer with over 680 stores in the UK.
reward 6
UNICEF's vision is a world fit for children. With MySurvey, give your points to support children across the globe!

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This is where you can see what has happened to all your points. Just search by month to show your points history.

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Redeem your points Once you have earned your points, click on the Redeem button to browse the catalog and redeem your reward points for one of our many items like PayPal, gift cards, e-certificates and charity donations.



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