MySurvey Connect is an exclusive group within the MySurvey panel. The only way to participate is by invitation. Currently, MySurvey Connect has around 10,000 members in Great Britain and over 45,000 worldwide.

When you are invited to join MySurvey Connect, you will receive a free software application to download and install. While you browse the Internet, the application collects certain data about the websites you visit – and you accumulate points. Additionally, participation in MySurvey Connect pre-qualifies you for special surveys which will provide even more points.

Your membership advantages

  • 500 points for the installation
  • 50 points per month
  • 100 points every six months
  • Pre-qualification for further surveys
  • Redeem your points for
    appealing rewards
  • Make a difference
    - influence future products and services
  • Free of charge
  • Non-binding

Make a difference

Have a hand in changing and customizing the Internet to meet the needs of consumers like yourself. Help us to understand how consumers interact with the internet and how new products and services should be developed in order to be successful.


Receive 50 points per month – let your computer work for you!
By participating in MySurvey Connect, you will earn up to 1,300 points within the first year - with opportunities for more.

In addition to the points you receive for installation, you will be awarded additional points every month and every six months, simply for continuing to be a member of MySurvey Connect. Downloading and installing the application is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here is the full breakdown of the points you can earn:
  • 500 points for successfully downloading and installing the free application
  • 50 points every month for just keeping the application active on your computer
  • 100 points every six months for keeping the application active on your computer
See how easy it is to collect a lot of points with MySurvey Connect!

Redeem your points and receive appealing rewards
The points you accumulate through your MySurvey Connect membership will be credited to your regular MySurvey point account. You can redeem your points by selecting from our wide range of unique incentives.


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How does it work?
Upon agreeing to become a MySurvey Connect member you will be asked to download and install a free application called Consumer Input Software. The download and installation are very easy and quick. The application itself runs unnoticed in the background of your browser and only your increasing points total will remind you that you have it installed.



We protect your data!
The application records internet behaviour data from your browser. This data includes information such as the URLs of visited websites, date, time, duration of the website visits, terms entered in search forms and other information. Our partner, Consumer Input, has implemented systems to avoid the collection of personally identifiable or sensitive information. While these systems are not foolproof, we are committed to protecting your privacy (learn more here).

As a global market research organization, we know that the majority of the British population is concerned about their personal data being misused. MySurvey Connect follows strict privacy policies which we have implemented to protect our members. The collected data will be used for research purposes, to understand internet usage and develop market segments for our clients. It will not result in you being individually identified for marketing messages.

We will never try to sell you any products or ask you for money.


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